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 well, I haven't really been asked questions yet, but if I had been, here would be my answers to those hypothetical questions.

How do I credit?

Crediting is easy! Just put the community name in the comment box of your usepic selection, like so:

What program do you use to create such awesome icons?

In this post nd this one, I used GIMP, a very low-q kind of freeware that can get the job done (albiet not well but done). However, since then, I have upgraded to Photoshop CS5, seen in this post and beyond. I try to improve my gif making abilities as I go on!

Do you have any affiliates/are you involved in any other communities?

Yes! I post a imagifary as well a j_in_the_gifs

We have so much in common! Is there any way for me to contact you/hang out with you/chat and be bffs?

Well, I have a tumblr, twitter, last.fm, and AIM. If you really wanna chat, you can message me here on LJ and just ask for one of them! 

Where does the community un/your un come from?

The community username comes from the song Oscar Wilde by Company of Thieves. It's a great song, really. y username comes from the book A Separate Peace by John Knowles. Gene Forrester is the main character.

What is your favorite band/TV show/book/movie?

Band: The Format / LCD Soundsystem
TV Show: reaking Bad / The OC / Parks and Recreation / Stella / Flight of the Conchords / Arrested Development 
Book: Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk
Movie: Fight Club

I have a question that wasn't answered here!

THEN ASK ME. I don't bite.

This post also doubles are a request and/or suggestion post. Suggest anything you think my little heart should make icons out of, and by golly, I'll try.

Thanks all!

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